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Testowanie JavaScript

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Jest is testing platform. It has builtin features like test runner, test framework, assertion lib and mock lib. So in that way it is similar to Karma + Mocha + Chai + Sinon.


Karma is a test runner.


Mocha is testing framework. It provides methods like describe, it, etc.


Chai is an assertion library. There is also library chai-as-promised which enables possibility to test asynchronus code.


Sinon and Sinon-Chai is a library for mocking.


Enzyme is library which allows testing React components. It provides bindings for Chai and Jest.


Spies: Creates fake functions which we can use to track executions. This means we can tell/ find out whether the function has been executed/ how many times its been called etc. We can also use spies on existing functions and get the same capability, to track those functions executions. We'll see this in action a bit later.
Stubs: Enables us to replace functions. This gives us more control. We can return whatever we want or have our functions work in a way that suites us to be able to test multiple scenarios.
Mocks: They are fake methods, that have pre-programmed behavior and pre-programmed expectations.