[DRAFT] Frontend - miscellaneous notes

Styled Components

Pros of

  • styles are part of JavaScript (CSS-in-JS) in this case and allow you to build components from CSS snippets
  • with styled components you can build CSS dynamically based on props and state of the component
  • you don’t have to create tons of class names with related CSS declarations written somewhere else. Class names are generated automatically and you don’t have to care about them anymore.



Codemod is a script run against a codebase for example in purpose of updating the codebase automatically for new changes in the API of an updated library.

Tree Shaking


Bundle Splitting




Supported in Next.js.

Frontend integration tests


Integration tests may be based on Selenium webdriver, which may be combined with chromedriver to test in headless Chrome.

Module/nomodule pattern

The module/nomodule pattern provides a reliable mechanism for serving modern JavaScript to modern browsers while still allowing older browsers to fall back to polyfilled ES5.